Really Simple Web Content Management with Alfresco

See the full webcast here: Web Content Management 2.0 is about a platform that provides: * A Rich User Experience * Dynamic Architecture for Participation * Collective Intelligence and Trust * Cost Effective Scale-out * Is Loosely Coupled Alfresco is built on state-of-the-art open source components such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, JSF the components of choice website developers today. It offers one repository for the whole team. Join Ben Hagan in this informative webinar, which covers: 1. Content Management 1.0 vs. Content Management 2.0 2. Multi-Site Change Set Management 3. Multi-Site Transactional Publishing 4. Virtualization Server 5. Deployment Server 6. Web Content Compliance Server 7. Key User Functionality, including: * Embeddable content services * Contextual information delivery * Standards-Based Forms * XML publishing to Multiple Channels * E-mail-based workflow * In Context Review * Manage Branches Parallel branching and merging * Pre-Built Templates Websites and website components * Re-use Existing Sites Easily reuse existing look and feel See the full webcast here: